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Is artas better than manual

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    Everything is about case assessment and planning.

    If you have a patient with good wuality thick hair the artas can literally pick 3/4/5 unit grafts and not damage any. It is incredible IF the patient selection is correct.
    For patients with very fine hair we recommend Manual FUE.

    Juvida are exceptionally expereinced in using the robot so will only use when we can get the best grafts.

    In some cases, the Doctor will start with the ARTAS and may wish to add additional hairs with Manual to supplement the ARTAS grafts,

    Is ARTAS better than Manual? In our experienced Doctors hand we can get yield rated of close to 100% so it can be incredible.

    However in some cases we have to switch to manual if the texture and colour of hair isnt ideal.

    In summary, if you have the right texture of hair, our expereinced team can do wonders with the artas but in some cases, manual can be superior.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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