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ARTAS Hair Transplants

ARTAS is a robot which was developed to perform follicular unit extraction. It has revolutionised hair transplantation and JUVIDA Clinics is one of a limited number in the UK to offer robotic FUE.


ARTAS Hair Transplants

ARTAS separates hair follicles from your scalp and creates donor sites.

The follicles are then placed by a technician.

This is currently used worldwide. ARTAS is FDA approved and performs unparalleled follicular unit extraction (FUE) to the highest standard. It is always operated by a doctor.

The technology separates hair follicles from the scalp and creates donor sites, in which follicles are placed by a technician. Robotic FUE procedures use the very latest advanced technology and imaging, transforming lives for the better.

The ARTAS machine uses specific algorithms to identify the most suitable follicles, with enough intelligence to choose the number of 1,2,3 and 4 follicular units for extraction. When implanting hair, 1 hair follicular unit is placed at the hairline, followed by 2,3 and 4 units. Before you undergo this procedure, your doctor will explain every step in detail and ensure you understand the expected outcome.

ARTAS hair transplant costs vary depending on your requirements. We have flexible finance plans available to help spread your hair transplant cost into affordable monthly amounts.

Benefits of the ARTAS Robotic system

Reduce Human Error

The robot reduces the risk of human error, as separating hair from the skin and removing follicles is a laborious process, and the quality of the first follicle removed may differ from the last. ARTAS will ensure the quality is the same high standard, from the treatment’s start to its end.

Reduced treatment times

Using the ARTAS rebot results in quicker treatment times.

Quality grafts

Better quality grafts are produced which means they last longer

ARTAS doesn’t leave a linear scar.

ARTAS doesn’t leave a linear scar.

More accurate donor sites

ARTAS can ensure more accurate donor sites are created, as the robot will avoid existing hairs when site-making.

We aim to provide the most exceptional results for total satisfaction, and are one of only few clinics with this advanced ARTAS technology.

We don’t just use ARTAS to transplant hair, we use it to change patient’s lives.

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