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Why Getting A Hair Transplant Abroad Is A Terrible Idea

What are the two things that make one’s appearance endearing? The shoes and the hair, for they can make or break your outfit. Shoes are something that we can choose and buy to our liking. But our hair is an organ, and with time, it fades, be it the texture or volume. There are many factors for hair loss, genetics, health issues, lifestyle, exposure, or just negligence. Whatever the cause may be, we sure find it frustrating to lose hair.

Thanks to Science and Technology, we can resort to hair transplant in extreme hair loss. However, not many are aware of the perils of getting a hair transplant overseas. We have encountered a rising number of patients who have faced terrible results after a hair transplant overseas. The deceiving offers and false assurance of inexpensive transplant procedures convince people to go abroad and avail discounts to save money. But in time, the results are quite otherwise.

Here at Juvida, we come across patients seeking restoration surgeries to rectify the inferior transplants. The issues vary from transplanted hair falling off to scalp damages.

The Ugly Truth

Indeed the tempting offers of cheap transplants are great. But in all honesty, you get what you pay for, putting quality at risk. Not many people realize that such affordable surgeries will involve unqualified and inexperienced fiddling with their hair. Such recklessness can lead to other grave issues, such as infections and other complications. There is also the extra cost of traveling, insurance, and accommodation. And, of course, medical expenses if something were to go wrong. Hence, it is essential to think of these factors before making a trip overseas.

Countries That Offer Low-cost But Dangerous Transplants

We did our bit of research and boiled down some of the most-visited countries that offer such tempting offers. This list makes you aware before you plan your next travel for your Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant Surgery.

  • Thailand

Thailand possesses several professional hair transplant surgeons. But ironically, those with a lack of experience and qualification perform many procedures. They have a plethora of information on hair transplantation, so it’d be best to learn which clinics are most reputed.

  • India

India also has many competent and registered hair transplant surgeons. But many aren’t qualified but lure people into attractive deals. Do your research and make sure you get in touch with a legitimate clinic.

  • Hungary

Hungry is relatively less dangerous than other countries but does have unqualified surgeons performing surgeries. Do your research and be a little mindful.

  • Mexico

Mexico is one of the popular hair transplant hubs, especially for US citizens. It is again not as dangerous as other countries, but it is always wise to double-check the clinic’s legitimacy. You can look for reviews from people who have been to the same clinic.

  • Turkey

Turkey is one country where most of the worst cases happen. They offer the cheapest deals but with cheap come dangerous results.

  • Dominican Republic

This country may seem prospective with their offers but still possesses the same dangers as other countries do. They have unqualified surgeons and illegitimate clinics ready to lure patients.

How Can You Find The Ideal Hair Transplant Clinic

There are three ways you can ensure you are investing in a genuine clinic.

  • Do a reference check on the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. Do your bit of research on the most crucial party in the procedure.
  • Research on the clinic. Find out if it is licensed, reputed, and has staff with qualifications. Visit their website and look for clients’ testimonials.
  • Reach out to people who have visited the same clinic. Talk to those who have had a similar procedure.

How To Keep The Dangers Of Hair Transplant Overseas At Bay

Our first advice is you continue to stay and have our expert take care of your hair transplant procedure. Juvida is a licensed and legitimate hair transplant clinic. Our surgeons are skilled and experienced and have performed numerous similar procedures. Contact us here to learn more about it. 

However, if you have decided to take the overseas path, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  • Most importantly, do extensive research before taking off. In your research, include reviewing the surgeon, the clinic, and customer testimonials. These are the three most pivotal things to check. Find out from various sources to check if all results are the same.
  • Get in touch with patients who have visited the clinic, both from the same country and otherwise. Take their feedback on the service they availed.
  • Do ensure that your medical insurance is in place. It should be able to cover you before you take the plunge.
  • Always have an option B. It is better to keep your options open just in case things don’t go as planned.
  • Communication is pivotal. If you notice that you and your surgeon have issues comprehending each other, take it s a cue. Lack of communication will not convey the message as to what exactly you need. It would be best if you were very clear with the pre and post-surgery care. And if these crucial matters are not clear candidly beforehand, you might as well think twice.
  • Do not get tempted with deceiving marketing campaigns. Indeed, the surgeries may appear genuine and inexpensive but scrutinize if it is too good to be true. 
  • Analyze your costs. The treatment may seem cheap, but there are other added expenses. Take into account the cost of tickets, accommodation, food, and additional unexpected costs that may arise. In the process of saving a penny, make sure you don’t lose a pound.
  • Try to avoid medical tourism packages where the surgery comes with travel and lodging at a hotel or a resort. You cannot anticipate how long you may need to rest or undergo after-care. Prioritize health over a holiday.

If you have fallen prey to n inefficient overseas hair transplant and looking for help and consultation, or seek restoration, talk to us. Please book your appointment with Juvida today and let us help you.

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