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Eat These 5 Foods For Hair Growth

What you put inside your body can have a considerable impact not just on your overall health, but also the health of your hair. A deficiency in nutrients such as iron, protein, zinc, vitamins A-E and essential fatty acids can be one of the causes for slow hair growth or hair loss.

Here are 5 foods for hair growth…


Oysters are a great source for zinc, a mineral which can help to regulate the production of hair related hormones like androgens. Low levels of androgens can cause hair loss, slow hair growth and dandruff. Therefore, incorporating oysters and other foods rich in zinc into your diet can stimulate hair growth and support the repair cycle to keep your hair looking luscious.

Further evidence illustrates the effectiveness of zinc to counteract hair loss. Studies have shown that zinc supplements can reverse the effects of hair loss if hair loss was triggered by a lack of zinc in the diet. However, a surfeit of zinc in the diet can promote hair loss, meaning that it is best to intake your zinc supply through natural foods such as oysters to prevent having too much zinc.



Yellow bell peppers are said to have five times more vitamin C than oranges, making it the perfect food for hair growth. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens hair follicles and prevents hair breakage.

Yellow bell peppers are also packed full of potassium and vitamin A, and are low in calories. So what are you waiting for, head to the shops and stock up on yellow bell peppers!

A collection of yellow bell peppers


Soybeans are full of high-quality protein and low in fats. It’s also rich in vitamin B, vitamin K, fiber, iron, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin K and more. 

Soybeans are also one of the best foods for spermidine, a compound that prolongs the active phase of hair growth. A study of 100 healthy people discovered that a spermidine supplement prolonged a phase of active hair growth called the anagen phase. It was also found that the longer a hair follicle remains in the anagen phase, the longer it will grow.

A collection of beans and pulses sat in glass jars


Eggs are rich in protein, biotin (a type of B vitamin) as well as other hair-healthy nutrients, making them an optimal food for hair growth. 

Protein is essential for hair growth because hair follicles are mostly made from protein. Biotin, on the other hand, is needed to produce keratin. Keratin is a protective protein which makes up your hair, nails and skin. Eating a sufficient amount of protein and biotin is key to maintaining healthy hair and promote hair growth. Furthermore, there is supporting evidence to suggest that a lack in either of these nutrients attributes to hair loss.

Multiple eggs sat in an egg carton


If you aren’t already aware, avocadoes are considered to be a type superfood (a term for food with an abundance of health benefits). This probably explains why everyone is always eating avocado toast and using any excuse to add avocado into their meal.

Avocado contains lots of nutrients and antioxidants, for example, fibre, potassium, Omega 3, copper, folic acid, iron, as well as vitamins A – E and K. Therefore, it’s safe to say that avocados can help you with almost anything including hair growth!

The fruit is highly concentrated with essential fatty acids naturally found in skin cells. Once applied to the hair and scalp, they encourage elastin and collagen production. Our top tip is to combine the avocado with sour cream so that you can first exfoliate dead skin before the avocado works its magic. Leave it on your hair and scalp for no more than 10 minutes before washing it off.

So go on, try some of these 5 foods for hair growth! Or, you get in touch with Juvida, who can assist with your Hair Loss issues at our world recognised clinics. We offer a range of treatments to cater to all your needs. From our facial hair transplants for specific areas on the beard and eyebrows, our FUE hair transplant for a solution with no scarring or our clinically proven ARTAS treatment for a permanent solution to hair loss.

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